"We will be a key advocate, funding group for the prevention and public education in stemming the spread of HIV/AIDS epidemic in China."

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In this video, CAF Chairman, Dr. Wilson Ko speaks about CAF’s Henan Children Project



China AIDS Fund, Inc. (CAF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating the spread of HIV/AIDS in China by leveraging the support of the Chinese-American community.

China AIDS Fund was founded by Lorance Hockert, Esq., H. E. Ambassador Eric Hotung (何鴻章爵士), Mona So (蘇蒙娜女士) and Charles P. Wang (王碚先生) in 2003.

The founders of China AIDS Fund have the hope that catastrophic harm can be prevented. China’s political climate has changed, and now is the time to act. We created China AIDS Fund to harness the strength and resources of the Chinese American community to help prevent the spread of the disease.

China AIDS Fund leverages the resources of the Chinese community in the United States to aid our homeland, China , in its effort to:

• Prevent the spread of AIDS in China

• Provide technical assistance to organizations working on the solution of the China AIDS epidemic

• Award grants to organizations providing critical services to those affected by HIV/AIDS in China