About AAYP

The Asian American Youth Project (AAYP) is a youth community-based program supported by the non-profit organization China AIDs Fund, Inc. (CAF). Its mission is to encourage Asian American youth to speak out about their experiences growing up at the intersection of two cultures. Many Asian American adolescents face unique challenges meeting the expectations of their families at home while also confronting stereotypes and discrimination at school and the society they live in. The AAY Project aims to help youth turn their experiences of diversity and adversity into strengths, grow in self-awareness and become a part of a larger community that inspires others to reach their full potential as leaders and thinkers.

2015 The Youth Ambassadors Scholarship

Every one of us has a story to tell.
Raise your voice, let’s initiate the conversation.

The 2015 Youth Ambassadors Scholarship seeks to award Asian American youth who are committed to generating more dialogue on Asian American issues and can reflect on their experiences as Asian Americans in a meaningful way. Awardees will be chosen through an essay contest.

Winners’ Essays