Library Program

We established the first two libraries within the Henan children centers in 2008.  In the libraries, we provide not only AIDS prevention and health related educational books and monthly subscribed children’s magazine.

In 2013, China AIDs Fund with the collaboration of the Shanghai Sunrise Library established the first library in Zhuhe, Silchuan.  The libraries included fiction and non-fiction books.  Each libraries can host 200-300 children used on a daily basis. In between 2010 until now, we totally furnished and financially supported seven libraries in ioint venture with The Association of Chinese American Physicians in visiting LiangShan (June/July 2017)

By 2015, we have added 5 libraries and now, we support a total of nine libraries in Shenzhao, Wanggouqiao, Zhuhe, Guozhai, Yongli, Dalingxiang, Nancun, Qianyang, Supo in China.