Library Program

Since the founding of the children centers in Shangcai and Shenqiu in Henan, CAF in year 2010 has renovated and expanded two existing libraries located therein. This expansion created a larger space with more furniture and books to benefit the children’s needs.

In 2013, the China AIDs Fund with the collaboration of the Shanghai Sunrise Library established a new library in Zhuhe, Sichuan. Important AIDS prevention literature and health related educational books were made readily available to all. In addition, this new library also housed monthly subscribed children’s magazines, fiction and non-fiction books.

In 2014, the China AIDs Fund financed our additional libraries located in Yonghe, Wongguqiao, Shenzhao and Sanpo in China. Each library contains over 4,000 books and collectively can host 400 students.

Currently, the China AIDs Fund is actively engaged in the support of seven libraries located in various locations in China.