Appeal Letter

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that China AIDs Fund, Inc. (CAF) is in preparation of the

China AIDs Fund “Raised Me Up” 2015 Gala dinner and Award Ceremony to be held on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at The Mandarin Oriental, located at 80th Columbus Circle at 60th Street, New York, NY 10023.

China AIDs Fund will be presenting the awards to the below extinguish individuals and institutions.

Ms. Grace Meng

United States Congresswoman

Outstanding Public Service Award

Mr. James Pi, Honorary Co-Chairman

China AIDs Fund

Lifetime Achievement Award

Mr. Michael Merritt, Vice President

New York-Presbyterian Global Service

Global Leadership in Health Care Award

DeRong Shi, PhD., Honorary Chairman

Shanghai Fudan University Charity Foundation

Global Leadership in Education Award

Our past honorees include Ambassador Liu Biwei, Ambassdaor Zhou WenZhong, Ambassador Guoxiang Sun, and Co-Chairman Henry Lee, Ph.D.

In addition, the honorable Ambassador from China, Zhang Qiyue, will be attending the gala to present awards to six winners of “The Youth Ambassadors Scholarship” sponsored by CAF’s Asian American Youth Project (AAYP).

China AIDS Fund is a US based 501©(3) non-profit charitable organization established in 2003 by a group of Chinese-Americans in New York City. It is operated and maintained by the charitable and voluntary contribution of Chinese Americans in the business and medical fields who are deeply concerned about the welfare of our communities. With proceeds from our Gala Dinners in 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2013, CAF has funded a diverse group of organizations in both China and the US, namely, HIV prevention and education, communities centers, libraries, scholarships in China and a youth mental health program for Chinese-Americans in the US. We are continually expanding the scope of our mission and are committed in providing assistance to youths and children in the Chinese community, both in US and China by addressing various epidemics, health concerns and social issues through education, scholarship and aid. This year, China Aids Fund has added two new projects to its mission-the Asian American Youth Project (AAYP) and the Liangshan Project.

Projects and Accomplishments:

2008 – present

CAF Henan Children Center

  • We are very proud to announce that the two children centers have continued to be a great success. We have a total of 650 children for both centers where they use the facility daily with the library, computers and attend special events. The children center provides them a place to learn and to gain knowledge of the outside world.
  • Nutritional Support Program: This nutritional program assists HIV/AIDS infected orphans. Children’s body weights are regularly monitored and nutritional supplements are provided to these orphans.
  • College scholarship program: Commenced in the summer of 2010. It supports young adults from poverty stricken families who could not afford college tuition. After conducting face-to-face interviews with qualified applicants, each recipient will receive a scholarship of 50% of the required college tuitions from CAF.

CAF International Pen-Pal program

Many of the participants are the children of our board members. During the past years, our own directors with their teenage children led by Ms. Shari Cai, Dr. Wai L. Leung and Dr. Vincent Wang and Ms. Yuanhong Li visited the children centers every summer. The total delegation is consists of 15-20 persons during each trip. During the visit, the children from the United States and the children in Henan were able to establish a bond that will help them to become a stronger people in their lives.

Seven Libraries Funded by CAF – We established the first two libraries within the Henan children centers in 2008. In the libraries, we provided not only AIDS prevention and health related educational books and monthly subscribed children’s magazine, also included fiction and non-fiction books. Each library can host 200-300 children used daily. From 2010 to present, we totally furnished and financed seven libraries in Shangcai, Shenqiu, Zhuhe, Yonghe, Wongguqiao, Shenzhao and Sanpo in China.


The Asian American Youth Project (AAYP)

Its mission is to encourage Asian American youth to speak out about their experiences growing up with the convergence of two cultures. Our first event will be an essay contest named “The Youth Ambassadors Scholarship” and the award will be given out on the day of the gala on October 28, 2015. Six students will be awarded a $1,000 prize each. The new Ambassador from China, Zhang Qiyue, will personally attend the gala and present the awards to the winners.

LiangShan Project

Liang Shan has become very heavily AIDS-afflicted like Henan, China 10 years ago. Many children are left without parents due to the spreading of AIDS through drug use. There is approximately 25,000 orphans in LiangShan alone but only 7,000 are eligible to receive 600 RMB a month for their living expenses. Our program will focus on methods to help the children to receive basic necessities like food, warm clothing, shoes and so forth.

We will call your office to confirm your availability and acceptance of our request to be our honoree. With your busy schedule and the high demand of your time, your attendance will be greatly appreciated and your presence will do us great honor.

Please feel free to visit our site for our activities and achievements



CAF has issued grants to the following organizations since 2005


2005 Grant Awardees:

China AIDS Media Project, c/o Sesame Workshop Think Tank Research Center for Health Development China Population Welfare

2006 Grant Awardees:

National Population and Family Commission Chinese American Planning Council, HIV/AIDS Service Chinese Association of STD/AIDS Prevention & Control HIV/AIDS Prevention & Care Office, Yunan Red Cross

Liang Shan Yi Women & Children Development

2007 Grant Awardees:

National Population & Family planning Commission Bless China International

HIV/AIDS Prevention & Care Office, Yunnan Red Cross The Home of Loving Care of You An Hospital, Beijing

Fuyang AIDS Orphan Salvation Association (AOS), Henan China Population Welfare Foundation

The First Affiliated Hospital of Xian Jaotong University Medical College

Our Past Honorees are


E. Ambassador Liu Biwei

H.E. Ambassador Eric E. Hotung

Beth Israel Medical Center

New York Hospital Queens

David Ho, M.D.Scientific Director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Ctr


H.E. Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong

Dr. Peter Piot, Executive Director of UNAIDS

Dr. Henry C. Lee, World Foremost Forensic Scientists


Association of Chinese American Physicians (ACAP)

Honorable John C. Liu, New York City Comptroller

Charles P. Wang, China AIDS Fund, Honorary Chairman


H.E. Ambassador Guoxiang Sun

Mount Sinai Health Network – Dr. Arthur Klein (President)

Dr. Xiaoming Zhang, Executive Vice President of HK Quanmei Investment Co

Dr. Wilson Ko, Chairman of China AIDS Fund