The CAF Junior Board International Pen Pal Program

Initially founded by CAF youth members in New York to promote cross-culture awareness and building friendship with HIV affected children and orphans in Henan, China.

The CAF Junior Board/IPPP actively explores different programs within the US especially the greater New York area to promote public awareness of chronic infection such as HIV/AIDS, HBV and HCV and different events to raise funding to sponsor their mission. They are to maintain and continue the communication and friendship already established with the HIV affected children in Henan, China through the International Pen Pal Program.

This new group of high school / middle school students have shown great energy and motivation to explore their ability to service the public in a broader become our future philanthropists of the society.

Application form download here.


Ian Y. Wang



Grace Guo

Samantha Ng



Calvin He

Katie Lam




Michael Shen

Jonathan Su


Board Members

Ryan Chen

Angie Chen

Courtney Chiu

Marc Huo

Kelly Lam

Winston Lau

Advisory Board

Joanne Kwan

Christopher Lam

Michele Ko

Matthew Lam

Jonathan Kwan

Jonathan Lam

Robert Leung

Cassie Wang

Angell Xiang

Catherine Lam