Our Mission

To improve the life of medically, economically and socially deprived children in China and to cultivate heritage and leadership among youth of Chinese decent.

Our Execution

Founded in 2003 by a group of Chinese Americans and other Americans in New York City:
H.E. Ambassador Eric Hotung
Mrs. Mona So
Lorance Hockert, Esq.
Mr. Charles P. Wang

Led by voluntary Chinese Americans in the business and medical communities who care deeply about the mission and are committed to its goals and mission.
China AIDs Fund engages in the resources of the Chinese American community and friends and family in its effort to fulfill its mission.
Registered with the IRS as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit charitable organization

Our Opportunities

The Founders, Officers, Board Directors and Advisors have the hope and vision that this unprecedented and catastrophic condition in China can be drastically lessened and the current victims involving innocent children and mothers can be helped and their lives improved. China’s political climate has changed, and now is the time to act. China AIDs Fund will continue to harness the strength and resources of the Chinese American community and the public at large to accomplish its goals.

Our Values

Ties to Greater China: The Diaspora of Chinese are motivated by our love and concern for the Chinese throughout the world including those in our motherland.

Compassion: We have compassion for our Asian brothers and sisters globally and at home who are suffering and in need of assistance.

Knowledge and Experience: Many lessons have been learned in fighting this disease in the United States among the medical community and the public at large. These lessons can be and should be applied in fighting this disease around the globe.

Our Vision

Work closely through existing organizations that have a proven record of service and delivery.

Public Education
– HIV/AIDS is not just a problem of the homosexuals
– HIV/AIDS is treatable and is not something to be ashamed of
– One may have HIV/AIDS but not detected for a long period of time
– HIV/AIDS will not spread to others through daily casual contact
– Do not share needles at any costs – Do practice safe sex
– Do take the test and seek appropriate lifesaving treatments